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The Den Isn't Always filled with Lions

Many times in our lives, we may feel that all is lost. However, the story of Daniel in the lion's den tells us about the fulfillment of God's promises and the rewards to be received through faithfulness.

King Darius was the ruler of Babylon and had appointed several men to assist him in the governing of the kingdom. Daniel, who was appointed to be the leader of the advisors, was a man who believed in the God of Israel and followed His commandments. For this, the other men despised Daniel and wanted to destroy him.

The men plotted against Daniel. They told King Darius to make a new law that would put to death anyone who worshiped or prayed to other gods other than the king. If someone was caught doing this, they would be thrown in the Lion's den and eaten by the lions.

Daniel knew about the new law but he was steadfast in his worship to the God of Israel. When the men saw that Daniel continued to pray to his God, they brought Daniel to face King Darius. Though King Darius was very fond of Daniel he could not change the law and had no other choice but to throw him into the lion's den. King Darius told Daniel that he hoped that his God would save him. And he did. When King Darius rushed to the pit the next morning, he saw that Daniel was alive and well. Daniel told the king that God sent His angels to shut the mouths of the lion so they did not hurt him. The king was glad and he commanded that Daniel be lifted out of the pit. The ones who plotted against Daniel were in turn thrown into the lion's den and destroyed.

In real life the lion's den can take many forms. The lion's den can be a workplace, a home, hospital bed or the mind. Going to work everyday in an unsatisfactory work environment can be a lion's den. You may sit behind a desk performing a job that does not fulfill you. Everyday you clocked your card at 8:00 am wishing for another option. You battle hostile co-workers, unreasonable deadlines and abusive supervisors. Going to work everyday seems like you are walking bare footed on nails. You desire to leave but you don't know how. Many times you may have attempted to write a resignation letter but somehow you couldn't complete it; you eventually remember that you still have financial commitments. Everyday you cry because you do not want to be there. The office cubicle has become your lion's den.

Sickness may have come knocking on your door and there seems to be no cure. Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes just to name a few have changed the course of your life. Though you may have physical support, you still feel alone. Sometimes you remember how you use to be; vibrant, joyful and healthy. But when sickness entered your life, depression took over. The constant visits to the doctor's office or hospital emergency room became your lion's den.

Our home is suppose to be a safe haven, a place of protection, rest and solace. Now, shouts of rage fill the atmosphere and there seems to be no peace even where you live. When you walk through the door of your home fear grips you because you do not know what missiles are awaiting your arrival. Those missiles could be a slap, kick, push or stinging words. The happiness you once knew no longer lives in your heart and the tears you cry have become the glasses you see through. The once happy and joyful home has become your lion's den.

Everyday you complain about being unhappy. You cry out to the Lord for change and deliverance. When you look through the window of your life, others seem may to prosper and propel to major heights; but yet you are stagnant. This stagnation has become the ammunition for your bitter venom that is used to blame anyone you believe is responsible for your immobility whether in the workplace, home or in the church. You know that there is no one else to blame but yourself because you are too afraid of making the change. You seek comfort in your own uncomfortable situation. Your comfort zone has become your lion's den.

How many of us can stand here today and say that God has delivered them from the Lion’s Den. There are those who have broken free, however, there are those who remain and they are devoured. Jesus is our protector in times when we feel that we are in a lion's den. There are many people like King Darius' men who will come into our lives to destroy our body, mind and spirit. But once we call on the name of Jesus, nothing will destroy us.

The den isn't always filled with lions. The den can be filled with drug addiction, alcoholic abuse, an abuse spouse, uncomfortable work environment, pornography and the list can go on. Our faith will save us from the lion's den. When the new day is upon us, we will be able to tell others of God's mercy and saving grace. The God we worship will be glorified.

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