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Our Words Are Seeds

Our words are seeds. Seeds are used to plant, grow and harvest a crop which is needed for the future. If we only have negative words to plant in our garden of life we shall reap the fruit of negativity and unfortunate circumstances. Is your life burdened with challenges and confrontation? Are you never succeeding in anything you attempt? Do you have an unhappy marriage? Are you stuck in that motionless job? Are you always broke? If so, this could be a result from negative words yo

u have spoken in the past, whether it was said consciously or subconsciously. Your life follows whatever direction you speak. If you speak negative words, your life will take a negative turn. Often I interact with people who complain that they don't have any money. They would always say, "Am poor" or "Am broke"; and guess what - five years down the road they are still singing the same tune and their situation have not changed. If you keep saying that you are broke - that is what you will be. In order to make a U-turn, start speaking prosperity and abundance. Speak positive words and your circumstance would change.

The power of words shapes every facet of our lives. It is very important for us to understand this in order to avoid the materialization of an unwanted situation.

DON'T call your children stupid or dumb. If you do—that is what they would become.

DON'T berate your husband or wife. If you do—they would continue to relate to you negatively.

DON'T limit your development by the words you use. If you do—you would remain in the same position for the rest of your life.

DO NOT commit suicide by speaking death into your life. The power of death and life is in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). The way to receive God's blessings is to SPEAK IT.

You have the power to create, just like how God created the heavens and the earth. You were made in the image and likeness of God and you possess His creative power. You speak what you want to see.

In order to bring forth good fruit for your harvest, you must cultivate it with the words you speak. We should never underestimate the power we have in the words we say. Even though there are many times we are often ignorant and do not know what we are saying, our goal is to make it a habit of speaking positive words into our life and the lives of others. If we want a good harvest, we must create one.

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