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Our Comfort Zones Can Limit Our Potential Growth

I have many conversations with friends and it is amazing how people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. But imagine if that same comfort zone was made "uncomfortable". Would you remain because it is all you know? Would you wait until that comfort zone is taken away from you in order to make a move? People would find all forms of excuses to remain in the situation they are in right now and prefer to complain about it rather than make a change. There are many who remain in bad marriages, uncomfortable living conditions and stressful work environments all because it is ALL THEY KNOW.

But is it really worth it? Is it alright to limit our growth and potential because we are afraid to step out into the unknown? Many people prefer to remain uncomfortable rather than tap into an unlimited source of abundance. For example, people would remain unhappy in a dead-end job that gives them no form of fulfilment, due to the financial obligations that have been thrust upon them; payment of bills and mortgages and the maintenance of loved ones. Such mechanical movements only satisfy the need to survive. However, remaining in such a situation does not satisfy the soul. Being boxed within a particular cubicle does provide a monthly income, but it also imprisons the many dreams and desires you always wanted to fulfil. No one expects you to ignore your responsibilities but it is also your responsibility to be happy.

The only way to begin to satisfy the soul—is by accessing that unlimited Source and speaking greatness into our lives. We must NEVER waiver in our beliefs and always demand the BEST for ourselves. What I have learnt in this life is to always remain hungry, never be satisfied with less, know my worth, claim what is mine and always go after what I want.

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