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Listen to the Inner Voice

I have read and heard about many people leaving their day job and following their passion—and every day I would go to work and really understand what they meant. We put so much stress on staying in a job to satisfy our EXTERNAL needs, but not doing what we want to do in order to satisfy our INTERNAL needs. Often, when we believe our external needs are met and its time to satisfy our internal needs, we are OLD.

In the quiet moment we hear a voice that tells us that we can do better, achieve greater and move faster. If we do not physically hear that word of encouragement from another person, that quiet voice within us validates what we can do. If it can be conceived and we believe—we can achieve. If we allow that inner voice to give us the strength, ignoring all other voices around, we can accomplish anything. YOU can accomplish anything.

Our inner voice never leaves us—it is always there. However, we do not always take time to listen. Don't let your current circumstance stifle that voice you have inside. After listening to the song by Frank Sinatra "My Way", for many years, I finally understood what Sinatra was trying to say. At some point in time, this journey on earth will come to an end and can we really boast of doing it our way. Many of us can't. Our fears and inhibitions prevent us from listening and adhering to that inner voice that tells us "we can"...."I can". The inner voice holds our dreams and aspirations and it is always there to remind us what we can accomplish.

Today, decide to make a change; not only to satisfy the desire for material things but to also satisfy that inner voice that tells what you what makes you HAPPY. You do not need to jump as most people do. Sometimes when you jump you end up in deep waters which you cannot tread. But by all means test the waters and if you enjoy it, feel free to enjoy life as the experience unfolds. Dare to LISTEN.

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