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In the Waiting Room

At some point in time in our life we are impatient. We become tired of waiting; waiting on the bus, waiting on a boyfriend to propose, waiting to get that job promotion. It is very frustrating to be just waiting for something to happen. I always try to be on time for all my appointments, even if I am meeting someone by the corner to pick up a parcel. I value my time and the time of others. Therefore, if someone is late, I am often irritated and become very agitated because I must wait.

But what happens when God makes us wait? What happens when God is late?

Are we irritated and agitated when we are waiting on God? Often, we are. At times we would pray for a situation and there seems to be no resolution in sight. Sometimes we are praying for years for deliverance and there is no answer.

You may be praying for that promotion every day, but you are being overlooked and others are being promoted. Having worked long days to prove yourself as being committed to getting the job, every time the promotion window comes along, you are never given the opportunity to compete for it. You have to wait for another opportunity for that promotion.

Many of us are in relationships we would like to see blossom. Women long for that proposal and marry that dream guy. You may be in a relationship with that person right now and hoping and praying that one day he proposes, but instead the relationship does not work. You are back out on the hunt for another potential husband. We have to wait for another proposal.

We all have goals we would like to accomplish in life: buying a house, purchasing a new car; travel the world or even own a business. All these things would require some form of financial investment. We pray every day for that financial breakthrough that would make these dreams into a reality. However, the money never seems to come, and more debt engulfs us. You cannot buy that house or car, nor travel the world or invest in that business. We have to wait for a financial breakthrough.

Imagine yourself in the doctor’s office during flu season. When you arrive at the doctor’s office there are so many people before you. You do not want to wait because you are feeling so sick, but you have no other choice but to sit down and wait your turn.

Waiting on God occurs in our daily lives. When we pray and it seems that nothing is happening - God has us in the waiting room.

In the waiting room we become very irritated and tired of waiting. We get angry. We may often feel that God has forgotten us. Just like the doctor, why won’t God speed up.

When we finally get to see the doctor, we expect that he would give us medication that would make us feel better. We expect healing and restoration. We continue to wait because we know what we are going to receive will benefit us. It is the same with God. When you stay faithful in the waiting room knowing that God will see us through, He would abundantly bless our lives. God would give you everything that you asked. He will give you that promotion, the spouse, the influence, and the healing that you have been waiting on.

While we wait, we should PRAY; while we wait, we should PRAISE; and while we wait, we should GLORIFY His name.

Isaiah 40:33 says, “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint”. We would NEVER be disappointed after waiting on the Lord. He hears our cries and sees our pain, but at the other end of that door there is joy and peace.

It is not how long we wait; it is HOW we wait. We must ALWAYS keep a good attitude in the waiting room.

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