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"If" May Never Come

There is one word that can prevent us from ever achieving any of our dreams and desires. It may throw a gray blanket over our goals and aspirations. What we think about achieving may not even see the light of day only because we utter this one word. It is a very small word—but there is an adage we say in the Caribbean, "small axe does cut down big tree"; in this case this small word can end big dreams. That word is the word "if".

If.....I had a car I would be able to go to the beach more often

If.....I had money I would build a big house

If.....I have time I would go on vacation

If.....I get an increase in salary I would make a larger investment

BUT.....what "If" never comes.

We are placing our dreams and aspirations based on a single word "if". "If" places all your intentions in limbo as there is no definite goal and outcome. It is dependent upon a particular event occurring; an event which may never happen. It is amazing to see events unfold when we put aside the word "if" and actually set in the motion the actions we need to take. There was a time when I was looking to purchase a home and before I actually set sight on a house I decided to purchase some tiles because it was on sale. I was still renting and I would have had to find a place to store the tiles. At the time I was renting an upstairs apartment; so when I purchased the tiles, the crate of tiles had to be lifted up the stairs. Nevertheless, I still went on and purchased the tiles. I had moved to another rented apartment and I also moved with the tiles. I was determined that I was going to use those tiles in my own house. Four (4) years later I was able to install those same tiles in my own front porch. I had an intention, I acted upon it and it came to passed. At no time I had used the word "if". If I had included the word "if" in my thinking: "If, I got a house I would buy the tiles", I probably would not have purchased a house as yet.

Do not use words in your vocabulary that would limit or block your intentions. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21). Our tongue can shape our destiny. What we speak, is what we are going to receive. Life itself is shaped by the declarations we make and we would eat of the fruit of the seeds we sow. The word "if" does not demand the universe to respond, therefore you can be waiting forever for something to happen. Declare what you want, demand it from the universe and prepare to receive it.

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