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Eagles Fly Alone

Often we find ourselves trapped by people and circumstances. Our minds wonder and our hearts hunger for more. But yet we are unable to spread those wings and fly to a destination of comfort and happiness. Those wings have been tampered by those who surround us; unable to fly and unable to soar.

Have you ever wondered why eagles fly alone and pigeons flock together? Eagles have the ability to reach great heights and soar above the storms. A pigeon would always have to seek shelter and remain in a flock in order to survive. The vision of an eagle is impeccable and they can view a rabbit size figure from a distance of 10,000 feet. They are also considered to be ultimate predators and they are never preyed upon by another animal. Even in mating the male eagle has to fly to the height of a female eagle to meet her. From the distance which she sits, the female eagle would drop a twig to the ground. Before the twig hits the ground the male eagle has to catch the twig. The faster the twig falls the faster the he flies to get it. Once he catches it, he carries it back to the female eagle—and that is the only time she would pay attention to the male. He has proven himself worthy of her affection and time.

Always focused, the eagle flies the skies commanding its space—its domain.

In order to soar like an eagle, we have to leave behind the clutter, burdens and chains that have us restrained. We are restrained by other people's perceptions of how we should live our lives. Many people live a life shaped by their parents desires, society's supposition or a partner's expectations. We are afraid to move to another level leaving behind the comfort zone of the "flock". Some people cannot seem to leave that relationship because they are afraid to be alone and do not want to start over. However, remaining in that relationship can eventually bring resentment. Many try to hold on desperately, however, if God has allowed someone to walk out of your life...LET THEM WALK— and you SOAR. Allow God to place before you what he believes is best for you. In order to soar, you have to let go of the world.

Individuals give up on their dreams to satisfy the needs of others. There are also circumstances that steal dreams away. I remembered when I was a child and overheard conversations between my mother and her friends; she would tell them once you are living with a person for so long, you start to resemble them—in attitude and also physical appearance. Once you are around a particular person or group of people for so long, you start to operate on the same wavelength, good or bad. If you run with a crowd who have a positive outlook on life, your life will mimic those actions of that crowd. Eagles do not fly with the other birds because they are simply not the same. They know and understand that they are different. Eagles only fly with Eagles!

As you grow mentally, spiritually and financially you start to leave people behind. Not because you want to—but because they do not understand how to get to where you are going. Don't be afraid to LEAVE and SOAR rather than be anchored by ignorance.

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