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Dress for Success

I work in an environment where employees are given standard uniforms. However, some employees have the option to wear other appropriate business attire. There are times when I opt to dress in another form of business attire other than my uniform. Having done this, I have been stopped in the hallway many times by co-workers and asked, "Why are you so dressed up".

If you believe that you are successful it must transcend outwardly AT ALL TIMES. How you feel must reflect in the way you look. No matter what is your status or situation, once you believe that you are successful ....DRESS THE PART.

Why we must dress for success? Here is why:

  • First Impression is Important - At the end of the day the first thing people see is your physical appearance. Before you even utter a word people have already conceptualize an idea about you by your appearance. If you are desirous of being perceived a certain way, you must look a certain way. Now I know there are people who are not concerned about what other people are thinking. However, we live in a world that is visual. If you are looking to get an executive promotion, why not dress like an executive.

  • When you look good, you feel GREAT - There is a totally different feeling you get when you know you are looking good. A single mother with four children may feel stressed out on a daily basis, but when she dresses a certain way, it can lift her spirit and make her feel that she can conquer the world. Lifting the spirit sometimes requires you to redress the outer skin.

  • Always be prepared - You may never know when you can run into an old flame, past classmate or a future employer. Even if you wear a jeans and jersey, it should be well put together and neat in its appearance. Always try to avoid people passing a negative of you at their first impression.

  • You can do anything - Many times you would hear people having a "power suit" in their wardrobe. When that power suit is worn it is like the Universe will grant them anything; they are sure to get that job or ace that presentation. That power suit often becomes your superhero gear - sometimes you feel invincible and you can take on anything that is thrown at you.

So whether you work in a gas station, supermarket, pharmacy, church or corner shop; ALWAYS DRESS FOR SUCCESS.

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