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Dress for Success

I work in an environment where employees are given standard uniforms. However, some employees have the option to wear other appropriate business attire. There are times when I opt to dress in another form of business attire other than my uniform. Having done this, I have been stopped in the hallway many times by co-workers and asked, "Why are you so dressed up".   If you believe that you are successful it must transcend outwardly AT ALL TIMES. How you feel must reflect in the way you look. No matter what is your status or situation, once you believe that you are successful ...

“If” May Never Come

There is one word that can prevent us from ever achieving any of our dreams and desires. It may throw a gray blanket over our goals and aspirations. What we think about achieving may not even see the light of day only because we utter this one word. It is a very small word—but there is an adage we say in the Caribbean,  "small axe does cut down big tree"; in this case this small word can end big dreams. That word is the word "if".   If...

Your Best is Yet to Come

There are many people who believe that there is something wrong with a man or a woman who's not yet married, particularly when they are in their late 30s (including myself). However, I believe that the time I am spending single, I am getting an opportunity  to weed out the spiritual, emotional and financial VAMPIRES that exists, which can be a threat to happiness and personal growth.   The Bible speaks about being "unequally yoked" (2 Corinthians 6:14) . People often get married to satisfy the desires of others, rather than following the WORD. I have had conversations with married people who have said that they regret getting married at such a young age. Getting married has limited their growth spiritually, educationally and professionally. When you choose a particular path, that path shapes...