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Test the Waters

I have read and heard about people leaving their day job and following their passion. Many times I wonder how those persons could do such a thing. How could "passion" pay the mortgage? How could "passion" buy food in the supermarket? Are these people crazy? Good luck with your "passion". But as I got older and matured in my work life, I got to understand what they meant and why they needed to do it. At times in our lives we may feel stagnant. You know you are capable of doing more and you so badly want to achieve the things you always thought you would have already accomplished. However, life's circumstances get in the way and often divert the plans and intended dreams. We put so much stress on staying...

“If” May Never Come

There is one word that can prevent us from ever achieving any of our dreams and desires. It may throw a gray blanket over our goals and aspirations. What we think about achieving may not even see the light of day only because we utter this one word. It is a very small word—but there is an adage we say in the Caribbean,  "small axe does cut down big tree"; in this case this small word can end big dreams. That word is the word "if".   If...

Our Comfort Zones Can Limit Our Potential Growth

I have many conversations with friends and it is amazing how people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. But imagine if that same comfort zone was made "uncomfortable". Would you remain because it is all you know? Would you wait until that comfort zone is taken away from you in order to make a move? People would find all forms of excuses to remain in the situation they are in right now and prefer to complain about it rather than make a change. There are many who remain in bad marriages, uncomfortable living conditions and stressful work environments all because it is ALL THEY KNOW.   But is it really worth it? Is it alright to limit our growth and potential because we are afraid to step out into the...