Prayers for Employment - Activate Your Faith
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Prayers for Employment

To find work

Heavenly Father
You are my ultimate provider and counselor
I am out of work and I need help to find a job O Lord
You have blessed me with many skills and talents
Find for me a job where I can utilize what I have learnt
So I can prosper and bless those who are around me
Strengthen me O Lord, during this period of waiting
And calm my anxious heart and mind
I know O Lord you will provide for me
In the Name of Jesus Christ I Ask


Dear God
I am prepared to take higher office
And I am ready to have more responsibility
Please Lord promote me to a higher position in [mention company]
Where I can show and apply what I have learnt
Clear the way and make a pathway to my new appointment
So I can always give glory to God
In the Name of Jesus Christ I Ask