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In the Waiting Room

At some point in time in our life we are impatient. We become tired of waiting; waiting on the bus, waiting on a boyfriend to propose, waiting to get that job promotion. It is very frustrating to be just waiting for something to happen. I always try to be on time for all my appointments, even if I am meeting someone by the corner to pick up a parcel. I value my time and the time of others. Therefore, if someone is late, I am often irritated and become very agitated because I must wait.   But what happens when God makes us wait? What happens when God is late?   Are we irritated and agitated when we are waiting on God? Often, we are. At times we would pray for a situation and...

Stop and Listen

We are often distracted by many noises – yes, noises. Normally, we associate noise with a sound that prevents us from hearing clearly. In the physical realm, we are unable to listen attentively when the noise is too loud.  However, noise also occurs in our spiritual lives. A noise can be anything that prevents us from connecting with God at any given point in time. There are situations and elements in our lives that prevent us from listening to what God has to say.   The work we do can become noise. We have become so engrossed in the daily task of providing for our families and our physical needs and wants, that our job has consumed 80% of our time. Hours are lost in traffic going to and from a job....

How to Walk on Water

For many years I have taken the bible story of Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14:22-33 for its literal meaning. Yes, I knew that it was a perfect example of faith; we can do anything once we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. However, as a young Christian I thought that “walking on water” really meant – walking on water. How can anyone have so much faith that they can actually walk on water? How can one’s faith be so big to move mountains? How can one’s faith destroy giants? How can one’s faith overcome the deadly poison of a serpent?   As I matured in Christianity, I realized that I was living a pipe dream. Water, mountains, Goliaths and serpents, just to name a few, seemed to be unbeatable adversaries....